Women in Contemporary Art presents interviews with women artists and women professionals as a way to investigate the participation of women in the art world. The main idea is to build a data-base of interviews, as the project aims to comprehend dynamics in this field through the perception and voices of the women. The site Women in Contemporary Art is thus understood as a space that compiles dialogues around the work, history and perception of women who work in the visual arts scene. The purpose of this platform is to foster discussion of equal rights and access within the art field.

The interviews presented here come from two different projects: The Studio as a Place for Dialogue (awarded by artist Lilian Maus – I Funarte Prize for Women in Visual Arts) that created multiple interfaces to further dialogue on the place women occupy in the Brazilian contemporary visual art world and resulted in the book of interviews The Ladies Have The Floor, and Women in Contemporary Art – A.I.R. Gallery (awarded by journalist Isabel Waquil – Connections Exchange Program 2014) that aimed to investigate the participation of women in the art world through the method of interview taking as studying case A.I.R. Gallery, the first women’s cooperative gallery located in New York, United States (1972).

Although they come from different context, these materials have a main goal in common: to create spaces for exchanges between women agents of the contemporary art scene to build knowledge and to produce and share knowledge about the processes of creation and circulation of art, from active female voices in contemporary art circuit.


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